The British Association for Veterinary Parasitology was established in the early 90s to further all aspects of veterinary parasitology through teaching, research and collaboration.

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Present Executive Committee


Dr Hannah Rose Vineer (University of Bristol) – hannah.rose@bristol.ac.uk


Prof. Richard Wall (University of Bristol) – richard.wall@bristol.ac.uk

Secretary & Treasurer:

Alison Morrison (Moredun Research Institute) – alison.morrison@moredun.ac.uk

Katie Bull (University of Bristol) – katie.bull@bristol.ac.uk 

Communications Officer:

Dr John Graham-Brown (University of Liverpool) – J.Graham-Brown@liverpool.ac.uk

Early-Career member representatives:

Dr Laura Peachey (Cambridge University) – lep41@cam.ac.uk

Catherine McCarthy (University of Liverpool) – C.Mccarthy3@liverpool.ac.uk


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