Aug 14

Job advert: Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast

The following vacancy is currently being advertised at Queen’s University Belfast. For for more information please click here

Job title: Research Fellow

The Research Fellow will be an innovative, highly productive, ambitious and collaborative member of a new research group led by Professor Eric Morgan in the School of Biological Sciences. The position will involve working as part of a research programme that is investigating the epidemiology of parasite infections in animals under climate change.
The purpose of the project is primarily to adapt, develop further and validate existing epidemiological simulation models to consider the impact of targeted selective treatment (TST) of gastrointestinal nematodes in cattle, on both parasite population dynamics and herd performance. These models will be used to inform TST trials on selected farms in Northern Ireland, to provide proof of principle and underpin wider uptake. A parallel work programme will refine empirical understanding of climatic drivers of infective nematode larval availability and distribution, to feed into model structure and parameter estimation. Simulations using the model will assess the sustainability of TST approaches under climate and farm management change. Outputs will be high quality peer reviewed publications, strategic recommendations to the UK cattle farming industry and a toolkit for computer simulation of parasites on cattle farms.
The successful Research Fellow will lead this ambitious cutting edge research project and will be involved in supervision, planning, day-to-day lab management, collaborations (including with project partners at Newcastle University) and outreach. This is a 30-month post funded by the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, ending on 31 April 2021.