Apr 08

BAVP annual meeting, Aberystwyth 10-11 April 2018

We are relaunching the BAVP at the joint BAVP/BSP meeting in Aberystwyth on the 10th-11th April.  The Association has been dormant for a few years and we would like to encourage all members, old and new, to take part in our AGM, elections and logo design competition to get the new BAVP off to a good start.

The AGM will be held during the BAVP annual meeting, 10-11th April. Provisionally, this will be 5.45pm on the 10th of April, immediately following the final speaker of the day in the BAVP session.

A timetable for the meeting can be found here: click here for summarised timetable

A more detailed timetable showing speakers for the BAVP sessions (Stream 5) can be found here: click for detailed timetable


Please email hannah.rose<at>bristol.ac.uk (replace the <at> with @) to put yourself forward for Executive Committee membership in any of the following roles:

– President

– Vice-President

– Secretary-Treasurer

– Communications Officer

– Early Career members’ representative

If you would like further information on any of the roles please get in touch. All members are very welcome.


BAVP logo competition:

Please submit your logo ideas to hannah.rose<at>bristol.ac.uk. Logos must look good in both black & white and colour (if there is colour in the logo), and be legible at a range of sizes.


Final call for registration:

Registration for the meeting will close on the 7th of April. The BAVP sessions will run on the 10th and 11th of April and there is an option to register for these sessions only for a reduced price. http://bsp.uk.net/2016/04/01/bsp-spring-meeting-2018/