If you are aware of any useful teaching & research resources please email details to the BAVP Secretary.


Moredun’s ‘War of the Worms’ educational animation

Moredun’s animation series: Anthelmintic resistance, Fluke, Biosecurity & Sheep Scab



BIODIDAC: A bank of  digital resources for teaching biology

Google images – search for an image and then search by usage rights under the ‘Tools’ tab.

BAVP database – we are currently building a database of images donated by BAVP members.



WormBase: Explore Worm Biology

WormBase ParaSite: parasitic worm genomics


Species data:

Global Mammal Parasite Database

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

VectorMap: Know the vector, know the threat


Weather/climate data:

WorldClim: global gridded climate data (current and projected datasets)

Bioclim: global gridded bioclimatic data (current and projected datasets)

E-OBS: European gridded dataset (historic and current datasets)

CMIP5: Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (simulation data available from the models used by the IPCC)

UKCP09: UK Climate Change Projections

DarkSky (global weather forecasting & hindcasting, data download via API)